3000 km of roads to be constructed in Kenya

06 October 2014

The government of Kenya will construct 3,000 km of roads during the initial phase of planned construction of 10,000 km of road networks launched in August.

An updated report from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure indicates that the 3,000 km is an upgrade from the initial 2,000 km planned for Phase I. The 3,000 kilometers of roads will either be built or rehabilitated in 45 lots during the first phase of the project.

The roads will be constructed under the annuity where contractors are assured of constant flow of cash through loans from local banks while they design, construct and maintain the roads. Treasury will then repay the loans over a period of eight years in equal installments (annuity), starting from the time the construction works are concluded.

Through this annuity model, the government will be able to transfer construction, operation and maintenance risks to the private sector.

The multibillion project is being undertaken by the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KeRRA), the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) and the Kenya National Highways Authority.

The project is expected to start in December to enhance connectivity, promote trade and attract investment by reducing the cost of doing business. The construction works for the roads is expected to be finalised by 2017. The total cost of the project has been put at US$ 3bn.

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