87 railway construction teams and equipment arrive in Kenya

26 August 2014

87 construction teams have arrived in Kenya from China to ensure the construction of the Standard Gauge railway, which will run from Mombasa to Kampala and then Kigali, Rwanda, begins in September. Also included are 2000 pieces of equipment in readiness of the start of the project.

The China Communication Company said that it will be partnering with local companies in a bid to boost Kenya’s steel manufacturing industry. Kenyatta said he welcomed and appreciated the support from the private sector to develop Kenyan infrastructure.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said he recognised the importance of infrastructure improvement in growing economy. He said all international companies should embrace working with local companies in project implementation in the country.

2,464 Kenyans had been recruited for the initial construction work on the Standard Gauge railway. The project would help in technology transfer and skills impartation to the locals such that Kenya will be able to manufacture Standard Gauge Railway project components locally. 30,000 locals will be recruited and 40% of work sub-contracted to local companies at the peak of the Standard Gauge Railway project.

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