Africa’s major solar carport launched

18 September 2015

The roof-top solar carport of the recently launched Garden City Mall will cut carbon emissions from power generation through non-renewable energy by 745 tonnes annually.

So state Solarcentury and Solar Africa renewable energy, the organisations that collaborated on construction of the installation.

The project, announced on September 18, 2014, was launched on 15 September with a total of 3,300 solar panels capable of generating 1256 MWh annually.

The project, Africa’s largest, is situated on the uppermost storey of car park at the mall as part of the integrated residential, retail, hotel and office development along the Thika Superhighway.

Besides providing shade for cars, the dual-mode technology used in the project, will provide solar energy in the daytime to reduce consumption from the power grid.

In the event of a power outage, the system reduces the consumption of costly diesel backup through generators making the dual functionality of the system highly efficient


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