African airports in massive expansion

08 April 2015

The majority of airports in Africa are undergoing expansion in a bid to cater for rapidly growing passenger and cargo traffic volumes.  Booming tourism and renewed interest in investment in Africa has left many countries struggling to boost the capacity of their airports.

For instance, between 2011 and 2012 business activities at African airports rose from 45% to 80%. This trajectory has largely been attributed to the growth of the continent’s GDP of 6.1% compared with the global estimation of 5.8%.

However, there are a number of challenges facing governments and airport authorities as they seek to enhance airport facilities.

Interconnectedness: In recent years, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has been at the forefront in urging African governments to open up their airspace, reduce levies and speed up airport expansion.

Financial support: The African aviation industry is still struggling because government support including subsidies is rare, leaving them with less capacity to finance their expansion plans.

Safety: Experts agreed in a recent Modern Airports Africa Conference in Entebbe that there is need for Africa to invest in its infrastructure to cater for safety at her airports.

Projects: Despite the challenges, African countries have embarked on aggressive airport expansion plans.
The article details developments Across the continent.


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