AfriSam and CLF introduce an industry-first ‘green’ floor concrete

06 March 2015

AfriSam and Concrete Laser Flooring (CLF) have collaborated successfully in introducing an industry-first environmentally-friendly floor concrete by replacing cement in the mix design with more fly ash, activated slag and admixtures. Typically concrete mixes replace 20 to 30% of the cement with extenders.

This new concrete contains up to 70% replacment with activated slag and fly ash, along with admixtures, to achieve superior quality and strength.

“The industry is moving towards ‘greener’ concrete, because cement is a finite resource and we need to make concrete that uses less cement. The growing demand from environmentally aware property developers is driving the trend for ‘green’ buildings,” Peter Norton, MD of CLF, says.

Focussing on new solutions and innovation, AfriSam together with CLF are producing low-shrinkage concretes for floors that will give customers the best-performing product, with the lowest shrinkage at the best value.

More information from Maxine Nel, Tel: +27(0) 011 670 5893 /

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