Angola: Construction of Kero shopping mall almost complete

29 September 2017

The construction of Kero shopping mall in Angola is almost complete says the Assistant Director of the works, Francisco Fernandes.

The mega mall whose location is in the outskirts Huambo city is in its final stages of construction as brick-works and technical networks are being installed. This is good progress since the developer commenced building the mall in March this year.

The shopping mall is being built in area of 11,000 m2 and in addition to department stores, will include three cinemas, restaurants and a supporting office.

With the start of operation of the centre, the region foresees a growth in the commercial network. Additionally, creation of jobs for local inhabitants will materialise through the initiative.

Construction of shopping malls in Angola is a sign of the rising middle class. The southwest African nation’s economy has grown rapidly in the last decade thanks to its large oil resources. Retailer Kero has jumped on the burgeoning prosperity, opening a dozen branches in the past four years with two more set to open soon, bolstering a local workforce of 5,000.

Domestic products make up 30% of total sales, creating more local jobs; this is according to a recent study by consultancy firm Deloitte.

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