Bamburi launches a mobile concrete testing laboratory

06 November 2015

Bamburi Cement has Wednesday introduced a Mobile Concrete Laboratory to enable its customers conduct on-site testing of materials and offer

solid technical advice on concrete at various construction sites.

The Mobile Concrete laboratory, in which Bamburi Cement has invested over Kshs.15 million, is fitted with state of the art equipment for conducting on-site tests.
The laboratory offers flexibility and convenience to users and reaches out to remote sites that have limited or no access to concrete testing facilities.

The laboratory aims at ensuring that the quality of concrete and its constituent materials meet the standards specified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards and the National Construction Authority which will ultimately result in overall improvement of construction and safety standards in the construction sector.

“Bamburi Cement advocates the use of quality materials in construction to achieve the best results. It is against this backdrop that we introduce this new value-added service to users of our products. The service is designed to provide quality testing and convenience to our customers,” said Bamburi Cement MD Bruno Pescheux.

Kenya is experiencing rapid developments in the construction industry due to increased investment by government and the private sector in infrastructure and housing. This growth has brought challenges with capacity and professionalism in construction practices in Kenya.

The country’s construction sector recorded a $235 million (Sh24.6 billion) loss in 2013 according to the National Construction Authority (NCA), which it blamed on low and poor quality workmanship.

The launch reaffirms Bamburi Cement’s evolution from a building materials supplier to a construction solutions provider.

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