“Beware of imitations” says TCI

27 February 2015

John Roxburgh, lecturer at the Concrete Institute’s School of Concrete Technology (SCT) says:“Beware of the increasing number of

opportunistic training touters now popping up in South Africa.”

He says the SCT continuously upgrades its courses to stay at the forefront of concrete technology. “What’s more, the School is able to draw on the input of local concrete technologists, most of whom are respected world-wide, to add value to the technical content of its courses.

The unrivalled status of the School of Concrete Technology in the South African training field is important – particularly now as more and more unproven new training consultants are pitching for corporate business.”

The Southern African Readymix Association (SARMA) also recently issued a warning about “supposedly top-flight, but high-priced concrete training workshops being marketed to the industry, which contain information not relevant to local conditions and climate and are not recognised by any of the local industry’s representative bodies.”

Roxburgh says training is technique- and climate-specific so training based on overseas conditions and techniques could actually be counter-productive to South African companies.

He recommends that only training, workshops, or seminars endorsed or run by The Concrete Institute, The Concrete Society of Southern Africa, SARMA, local universities, or SA companies or associations related to the local concrete industry should be supported.

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