BOLDROCCHI GROUP: the right partner for a Cement Plant

20 April 2015

Boldrocchi Group is headquartered in Italy and since 1909 designs and manufactures highly engineered industrial equipment with excellent site services and assistance worldwide.

The Group has a production area in Italy (over 35.000m2) and India (10.000m2) equipped with thermal, acoustic and aeraulic test facilities. The subsidiaries are located in France, Germany, Egypt, India, Cina, USA, Mexico, Brazil.

In 1993, the Quality system was certified as conforming with ISO 9001. Boldrocchi products and services custom engineered and manufactured to fit customer’s specific need.

Boldrocchi is the right partner to design, supply and successfully start up the complete gas handling and dedusting system of any cement plant.

The Group has the unique advantage of having the internal know how for each of the key components, including fans, bag filters, gas coolers, dampers and silencers.

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