Cement exports from Pakistan ‘declined’

22 May 2014

Export of cement from Pakistan has declined, attributed mostly to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, which ranks highest in terms of foreign importers of cement. Another reason has been Afghanistan’s import of Iranian cement which, due to oversupply, costs less than cement from Pakistan.

The second largest destination is India, where demand shortfalls created an impetus for Pakistani exports given geographical proximity and the better quality of Pakistani cement.

Other export markets include Central Asia, Sri Lanka, Middle East and Africa. Recent reports suggest that Africa has emerged as one of the key locations for export via sea as land exports continue to fall. In fact, the region accounts for around 26% of total exports.

Export numbers to Africa are also likely to fall with Lucky Cement establishing a plant in the Democratic Republic of Congo, reportedly to go online next year with a capacity of 1.2 million tonnes a year. The plant is expected to deliver to other emerging export destinations in the region, including Angola, Kenya and Madagascar.

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