Cement plant giants to visit Angola and Kenya

29 July 2015

Under the umbrella of the VDMA Construction Equipment and Building Material Machinery Association, eight cement plant engineering giants will send representatives to Luanda and Nairobi in the week beginning 17th November to host symposia for local building material manufacturers to learn about technical solutions “made in Germany” and discuss local requirements. 

“With our symposia, we hope to create opportunities for our customers,” said delegation leader Bernhard Pagenkemper, Head of Sales at Haver & Boecker. “It is worth believing in Africa: every country offers opportunities for our companies.”

The delegation also includes representatives from Aumund, Claudius Peters, Hazemag & EPR, Gebr. Pfeiffer, Christian Pfeiffer, Toni Technik and ThyssenKrupp.

Angola and Kenya are enjoying economic growth and increasing cement consumption, but the construction material industries of both countries need developing. Until 2013, cement was the most-imported product in Angola. Cement imports were banned at the start of this year to kick-start domestic production.

Experts estimate production in the country to be around 5.5 million t, while demand is 8.5 million tpa. The government plans to increase capacity to 12 million t by 2016, so that the surplus can be exported to other countries in the region.

In Kenya cement consumption rose by 6.8% in 2013, putting it at 4.2 million t. Here, too, various large-scale projects and increasing private need for building materials is pushing up demand.

Pagenkemper says: “We want to do more than just help the countries with deliveries; we want to train the people in how to use the machines and to establish proper service.” The Germans hope that this long-term commitment will distinguish them from the Chinese competition.


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