Chromaflo Technologies invests in Africa

23 June 2015

An industry leader in chemical and pigment dispersions 

Chromaflo Technologies is one of the largest independent global suppliers of chemical and pigment dispersions to the thermoset composites, architectural, industrial paint and coatings industries. Thier diverse technical and custom manufacturing capabilities provide colour solutions to meet the most complex requirements.

Chromaflo Technologies has their head office in Ohio, USA, with footprints in USA, Europe, India, Australia, Brazil, China, Canada and Malaysia. Chromaflo is the largest colourant company in the world. Africa was the only continent on which Chromaflo was not represented and, from 5th January 2015 with the acqusition of the Kreate Group, Chromaflo Africa has been born.

This affords an opportunity for Kreate Africa who now have access to the unrivalled financial, technological and knowledge assets within the Chromaflo global company. This has necessitated a move to larger premises (currently being sought in the Amalgam area) and will improve the efficiency and capacity of the current facility. The acquisition brings international expertise and extensive new laboratory and factory equipment to current Kreate customers, plus the services of the previous Kreate Group technical director – Toine Meuwissen – to South Africa.

Gary Kelly, MD of Kreate Africa, stays on as MD of Chromaflo Africa and is exteremly upbeat about the acquisition, seeing a huge future for Chromaflo in Africa.

With current production limited by resources, such large-scale growth as has been experienced over the past four years has been constrained, but is set to change during 2015. New and exciting markets with high technological and commercial benefits from a broad product portfolio serving both the coatings and thermoset industries will be entered. Increased opportunities beyond South Africa’s borders will be exploited to ensure Chromaflo South Africa becomes a major player for colour system technologies throughout the African continent.

Scott Becker (president and CEO Chromaflo Technologies) commented: “Having not had a manufacturing presence in South Africa, the acquisition of Kreate by Chromaflo Technologies provides us with a very new and stimulating market as Chromaflo Technologies continues to recognise the unique opportunities that markets like South Africa and the surrounding countries offer for our global expansion and product diversification strategies.”

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