Civilution 2016 to be co-located with African Construction and Totally Concrete Expos

08 October 2015

African Construction and Totally Concrete are thrilled to announce that the South African Institution Of Civil Engineering’s (SAICE) conference – Civilution – will be co-locating with the event next year. The 2016 Civilution Congress is set to take place at Gallagher Estate between 9-10 May.

Civilution is the platform for engineers to bring about transformation, diversity, leadership and evolution in our local and global society to improve quality of life for all citizens through collaboration between communities and government.

The theme of the congress centres around Accountability, and hopes to re-position engineering to its rightful place, to utilise engineering skills assets to the full, to actively work towards removing hindrances that preclude engineering practitioners from doing what they should be doing, and to approach things differently over the next decade.

The term Civilution aptly illustrates what needs to be done to redress the parlous state of the industry, namely to raise and address controversial issues that will enable all engineers to fulfil their rightful roles, and for the industry to provide an improved service to the various constituencies that benefit from engineering.  There are a vast host of challenges which need to be addressed – corruption, tenderpreneuring, collusion, lack of training, mentorship and changing of mind sets amongst others.

Watch the African Construction and Totally Concrete Expos website for further developments on the 2016 Civilution Congress.

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