CodaOctopus releases new underwater construction software

19 June 2013

CodaOctopus has announced the release of the latest version of its unique underwater Construction Monitoring System software (CMS™).

CMS™ is designed for monitoring the placement of concrete armour units in breakwater construction projects and makes full use of the unique capabilities of our real time Echoscope® 3D sonar to give crane and excavator operators a clear view of concrete blocks as they are placed.

Originally designed to automatically track ACCROPODE™ concrete armour units, CMS™ was originally deployed on the Ras Laffan breakwater project in Qatar by RLNBC, a joint venture between Van Oord NV and Royal Boskalis Westminster NV and since then the technology has been successfully used on numerous breakwater projects around the world.

The latest version of CMS™ has an improved tracking algorithm that gives better results with more challenging environments, and it has been expanded to work with ACCROPODE II™ units and also Xbloc® units.

Moreover, it has been enhanced with new key capabilities to make placement tasks easier, including functions such as automatic mosaicing tools, profile views, chain removal capabilities and ability to interactively build and edit databases of already placed blocks. CMS™ is a significant tool for companies building coastal structures such as breakwaters where the accurate placement of concrete armour units underwater is important to the effectiveness and longevity of the structures.

CodaOctopus sales manager, Gareth Simpson, said “This new version of the software offers a real step change in the usability of the system by widening the range of block types that it can be used with, and the tracking is really reliable even in difficult conditions, thus giving customers significant time savings and reduction in down time in their operations.”


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