Concrete Beton goes ‘Open Access’

27 July 2017

The Concrete Society of Southern Africa NPC, publishers of the DHET-accredited journal Concrete Beton, has announced that in future their publication will have open access through Google Scholar.

This means that the authors of Technical Papers in the publication will be accessible by any academic or engineer in the world – in fact by any person in the world.

“International researchers and practitioners will now have access to papers from Concrete Beton which was previously only available to CSSA members”, says Prof Billy Boshoff, Chairman of the Editorial Committee of the Concrete Society. The more exposure Concrete Beton gets, the better the articles it will attract for publication. A further benefit is that the Society will not be asking for a publication fee from authors,” comments Prof Billy Boshoff

“This is the first step in eventually registering our journal with the ISI (International Scientific Indexing), but this will take some time. Concrete Beton will get international exposure and all publications will be searchable and viewable in the search engine Google Scholar,” Boshoff continued.

This move by the Concrete Society will benefit primarily the ‘concrete public’, i.e., those who are seeking information on concrete and the most up-to-date knowledge. In this sense, Society members will benefit as well. The authors benefit by having their papers read more widely – in fact internationally.

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