Construction a new wax plant in South Africa begins

27 October 2015

Construction work on the second phase of a new wax plant in Sasolburg, Mpumalanga, has begun.

President and CEO of Sasol Group, David Constable, says commissioning of this second phase of the new wax plant is expected in the first half of 2017.

This would be a milestone for the company which aims to expand its Southern Africa operations while showing its commitment to the region through industrial investment.

This project will Cost US $1.02bn and will encompass the construction of a new wax plant at the Sasol One site, in Sasolburg.

The new facility is expected to double production of hard wax and increase production of medium wax which is mostly used for the candle industry in South Africa.
There will also be the increase of production of paraffin used in bitumen adhesives used in road construction and printing ink.

In the first phase of the Fischer-Tropsch wax expansion project 450 engineers and up to 5500 construction workers worked on the project.
The new facility will have two Fischer-Tropsch units with a 7.7-m-high, 712-t wax reactor and quench tower which are already on site. Another 344.5-t wax reactor was delivered to the expansion project last year.

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