Dangote Cement introduces ‘tarpaulin concept’ in Ghana

13 September 2016

To make its products affordable on the Ghanaian market, Dangote Cement, is introducing the ‘tarpaulin concept’ of trading in cement into the country. The move is also aimed at reducing the high cost of putting up or renting office space which is required to trade in cement.

The marketing manager of Dangote Cement Ghana Ltd, Evans Oloquaye Martey, said, “We want many Ghanaians who desire to put up houses, to buy cement at very affordable prices without having to pay indirectly for the operational cost. To ensure the technology takes off successfully, Dangote Cement is taking delivery of over 1000 tarpaulins for distribution to its cement distributors across the country.

The concept

With the technology, all that is required is have a platform on which to place the cement then use tarpaulins to cover and secure them against theft and rain. The ‘tarpaulin concept’ of selling cement is an established practice in Nigeria and other West African countries and does not require any investment in office space. Office space in cities and towns is very expensive and this concept is expected to bring a lot of relief to the cement distributors.

Dangote Cement, producers of 42.5R-grade cement have, within the last two months, have imported 1000 trucks to transport cement from the Tema factory to all parts of the country. Oloquaye said the company delivered cement to all but the three Northern Regions free of charge. 

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