Dangote Group set to construct plant in Nepal

26 June 2015

Devakumar VG Edwin is the executive director of Nigeria-based Dangote Group, one of the largest global business conglomerates. The group is on the verge of constructing a cement plant in Nepal with an investment of around Rs55 billion. Devakumar was in Nepal recently to observe the progress and help the country following the April 25 earthquake.

Edwin states that “We are waiting for two additional mining exploration licences. Once we have those licences, we can move very fast. Normally, the construction of a cement factory takes 27 months. So, 30 months from now, I hope to go into production and bring cement to market”.

“So when we come to the market, we become able to start selling cement at relatively lower prices which helps us in price competition. And the quality also helps us to compete”.


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