Dangote launches cement grade sensitisation campaign

28 October 2014

Dangote Cement has described its current campaign on how to guard against building collapse across the country as part of its corporate social reasonability project.

Chux Mogbolu, director, sales & marketing, south- south region of Dangote Cement, said the public awareness initiative became necessary as research has shown that 90% of cement users in Africa and 80% of cement sellers do not understand the difference in cement grades and their applications.

Speaking at the annual conference of the Nigerian Institute of Structural Engineers (NISE), Mogbolu said the construction sector has become an all comers’ game as regulation is lax, with little or no enforcement of approved standards, noting that buildings will continue to collapse until steps are taken to arrest the situation.

He said that Dangote Cement introduced its 42.5 3X to solve the problem of building collapse.

Mogbolu lauded the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) for standardisation of the basic inputs in building and construction like iron and steel, roofing materials and cement.

SON recently released guidelines on cement manufacturing and usage which restricted 32.5 to plastering, 42.5 for general construction including block making while 52.5 is for specialised construction work.

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