Design of US$100m stadium in Ethiopia awarded to MH

21 October 2014

An initial design for the stadium from the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) MH Engineering Plc has been awarded a contract to design Ethiopia’s largest sporting stadium.

The stadium will be constructed at an estimated cost of US$ 100m. MH has been tasked with design, supervision and contract administration of the new stadium which will be referred to as Adey Abeba stadium.

Construction of the stadium will be funded entirely by the Ethiopian government, of which US$ 10.2m has already been disbursed for initial works. MH was awarded the contract worth US$ 2m that they are expected to have completed the design phase of the stadium by February 2015. The new stadium will accommodate 60,000 people with parking space for 10,000 cars.

It will be the first stadium in the country to be built under the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) and IAAF’s (International Association of Athletics Federations) regulations for stadiums for World cups and Olympic Games. Currently, the largest stadium in the country is the Addis Abeba stadium with a total capacity of 35,000 people.

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