Dialdirect launches app for safer roads in South Africa

21 August 2017

Dialdirect has launched a new smartphone app for safer roads in South Africa. The app introduces a plan to use insights to motivate South Africa citizens to drive well.

The app uses the latest international telematics technology to monitor driving behaviour. If you drive and insure right, you can get up to 75% cash back, every single month. This is significantly higher than the rewards programmes offered by any competing insurance brands. In fact it’s the first offering of its kind in the market.

According to Warwick Scott-Rodger, Executive Head of Dialdirect, It’s no secret that insurance is seen as a grudge purchase.

“With our app, we are turning this general consensus, as well as the traditional insurance model, on its head. Now, consumers have the opportunity to participate in their risk management and tangibly determine what they pay for insurance. In other words, do your thing, get back ching,” says Warwick Scott-Rodger.

Scott-Rodger believes that this partnership between insurers and drivers is not only limited to the cash-back transaction, but extends to making a positive difference on South Africa’s roads.

He says: “Providing a financial incentive to drive right will make our roads safer. Our roads are obviously in all of our best interests.”

The app’s payback functionality is available to Dialdirect customers, but anyone can benefit from a number of features on the app, including monitoring their driving, participating in driver challenges and winning vouchers.

The Gauteng Roads and Transport Departments said this year that 77.5% of fatal crashes and 89.1% of major crashes are as a result of “human factors”. This, making drivers more aware of their behaviour behind the wheel could reduce road incidents.

One of the seven drive score factors that the Dialdirect App measures is cell phone use – which causes ±25% of accidents on SA roads. The other six factors are braking, acceleration, night-time driving, speeding, route risk index and distance.

“Improving on these seven drive scores will help in reducing the devastation we currently experience on our roads every day,” says Scott-Rodger.

To download the app and start making South Africa’s roads safer, visit the Playstore or iTunes and search for Dialdirect Insurance App.

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