Discover opportunities for the use of concrete at Africa’s expanding ports and terminals

04 June 2014

In response to the increased global demand for African commodities such as coal, iron ore, oil and gas, ports and terminals across Africa are fast-tracking port expansion. Billions of dollars are currently being spent on port development projects to boost throughput and to take advantage of this increased trade. Concrete is widely being used in these maritime projects both above and below the waterline. An aspect of the New Port Project in Qatar comprises of close to 35,000 pre-cast concrete blocks each weighing up to 110 tons and use of steel fibre reinforced concrete was used in the expansion of the Southampton Container Terminal in the United Kingdom.

Marine engineering companies, aggregate suppliers for underwater structures and underwater concrete suppliers from South Africa are joining their colleagues from across Africa in Durban this September to join the debate about stimulating Africa’s economic growth through increased investment into ports infrastructure. African Ports Evolution 2014 provides maritime project owners and ports authorities active on the continent with up to date information and sustainable next generation technology solutions to assist with their development, modernising of facilities, and increasing bulk and container throughput.

African Ports Evolution 2014 is the only forum that brings together decision makers from all aspects of the African maritime sector under one roof. Contact Daniel Bloch today to book your space for guaranteed access to the entire African ports and terminal ecosystem.

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