Do you know who’s watching your business?

19 April 2017

Commercial properties such as office buildings and retail outlets require carefully considered, integrated security solutions.Although security guards provide an element of protection on the ground,it’s not enough to provide extensive surveillance of the entire premises.

This is where surveillance and access control systems play a crucial role in protecting office buildings.Nashua now offers Hikvision Video Surveillance equipment,a world leader in video surveillance products and solutions as well as ViRDI Access Control to monitor movement in office buildings.

Superior protection

Crime is a growing concern for South African businesses. Installing video surveillance systems inside and outside the workplace is vital to detect theft, track assets and ensure employee safety.Cameras are a vital crime deterrent.

The innovative and intuitiveHikvision video and surveillance products are crucial for retail, banking, finance, transportation and government due to the high employee workforces, confidential information and expensive assets.

The advanced eye

Hikvision Video Surveillance, offered by Nashua, offers a range of analogue and digital cameras. One of these is a revolving fisheye camera instead of several cameras to cover a whole office or store.This reduces installation time and labour costs. Wi-Fi cameras mean easy connection and auto detection.

Users can also designate areas of interest(an entrance, for example)and set cameras to count objects entering or leaving, which includes vehicles – this is known as Object Counting.The system can also detect objects left or removed from a pre-defined region, and trigger an alarm known as Object left Behind or Object Removed. The system can be tailored to suit any office size, environment and price.

Keep track of in and out

The ability to control who enters the building at any point is critically important for the safety of employees.Organisations with heavy foot and vehicle traffic will benefit from ViRDi Access Control, also now offered through Nashua.

ViRDi Access Control uses biometric technology in the form of user-friendly fingerprint or facial recognition systems to offer businesses a higher level of security.

ViRDi has become the most popular access control system for national organisations and private companies in over 80 countries worldwide.Through Nashua, businesses can now implement and install this system.The technology eliminates distortion problems of existing optical sensors and is capable of processing dry and wet fingerprints.

Forward-thinking businesses should ditch conventional keys, or easily forgotten passwords for a fingerprint and facial recognition system to make the office a safer environment.

For more information about Nashua’s offering of the Hikvision Video Surveillance Equipment or the ViRDi Access Control,contact Avesh Subbiah on 011 232 8506 or email [email protected].For more information about Nashua’s business solutions, email [email protected] or visit

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