Doka launches new Concremote to Dubai Municipality

04 June 2015

Doka recently debuted its new Concremote to the Dubai Municipality’s contractors, consultants and engineers to illustrate its performance and benefits.

Designed and manufactured by Doka, Concremote measures compressive strength and durability parameters of green concrete, leading to improvements in quality and safety, while reducing cost and time.

The introduction of Concremote coincides with the Dubai Municipality’s recent legislation mandating use of green cements, such as Fly Ash or Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag, at all new construction projects from 1st April 2015, helping to support Dubai 2020’s environmental objectives.

Concremote sensors utilise new innovative technology and are placed directly in a concrete structure after pouring to measure nonstop compressive strength evolution. All sensors have a real-time connection to the Internet and notify stakeholders such as job-site staff and consultants via text message or email when concrete is hardened enough to proceed with subsequent construction works.

Providing a time saving of 47%, a cost saving of 32%, a quality improvement of 55% and a total business value increase of 40%, Concremote’s implementation could offer benefits that extend beyond reducing the environmental impact to the Dubai construction market, which is estimated to be worth AED 155 billion in 2015.
Recent estimates have indicated that the mandatory switch to using green cement will add an extra forty years lifespan to buildings and offer a cost saving of AED 192 billion for the Dubai construction sector.

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