Dubai Municipality: 28,600 buildings currently under construction

09 November 2017

The number of buildings under construction is about 28,600 with 5,633 buildings completed in Dubai this year to the end of September, according to Dubai Municipality officials.

Layali Al Mulla, director of the Buildings Department in Dubai Municipality said that a total construction area of nearly 7 million square metres has already been built in the city in 2017 while another 51 million square metres is currently under construction.

Abdullah Al Shezawi, head of the Engineering Supervision Section in the Buildings Department said that the section has conducted more than 105,500 visits to construction sites this year.

“We received 42,267 requests for construction site inspection from the beginning of the year until the end of September.

“Green concrete was used for construction projects at a total area of 4,605,906 feet, which resulted in a reduction in the carbon dioxide ratio of nearly one million tons.

“The section has also received 9,000 requests for site inspections for the purpose of building completion certificates,” he said.

Al Shezawi added that a specialised team is available around the clock to respond to communications related to construction work, with the municipality receiving 1,878 reports about multiple cases of non-compliance with engineering and safety requirements at sites under construction.

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