Dubai plans worlds largest underwater theme park

09 October 2014

The largest theme park in the world, to be called Peal of Dubai, is planned for construction to boost tourism in UAE. US-based Reef Worlds, the involved design company has not yet announced when construction starts.

Planned is a five-acre park on the shallows in the World Islands development and its concept closely imitates the Lost City of Atlantis. The scuba and snorkelling sunken attraction has its aesthetics based on Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar and other Hollywood blockbusters. It will be based on concrete structures that will be designed to attract marine life.

The site is targeted at helping bring more scuba driving tourists to the Emirates, as well as swimmers and snorkelers.

Reef Worlds has also expressed interest of setting up underwater tourism and sustainable habitat sites in Oman and the Philippines.

A number of other aquatic attractions in the Emirates should be ready for Dubai Expo 2020.

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