ECSA says new registration requirements will boost industry competence

24 March 2015

The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) says proposed changes to the council’s registration process for engineering professionals and candidates will further align the South African engineering profession with international best practice and ensure conformity with the competence-focus standards of the Engineering Professions Act (EPA).

ECSA told industry stakeholders during a public consultation event in Johannesburg on Monday, that its New Registration System (NRS) Rule, which was published for public comment in the Government Gazette last month, would further harmonise and consolidate its policies, provide better information and guidance to applicants, use peer volunteer time more effectively and ensure the scalability and sustainability of the online electronic registration system.

Those affected by the overhauled registration process included professional and candidate engineers, engineering technologists, professional certificated engineers, professional engineering technicians, lift inspectors, lifting machinery inspectors, medical equipment maintainers and fire protection systems inspectors.

ECSA CEO Sipho Madonsela, said the industry consultation process was a demonstration of the council’s commitment to engendering a transparent dialogue around the proposed amendments.

“You are the ones who will need to fill out the forms, so it’s important that you find comfort and have a contribution in shaping these standards,” he remarked.


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