Ethiopia to spend US$240m on road projects

17 April 2015

Ethiopia has decided to spend US$ 240m on three new road projects in the country, which will fully be funded by the Ethiopian Government.

The 83.4-km Sodo Tercha Asphalt Road will be constructed both in the rural and urban areas. The government has chosen China Railway Company to undertake the construction works and is currently selecting the project’s consultants.

The 99-km Gash and Lalibela-Sekota Asphalt Road Project, in the Northern Ethiopia region, will cost approximately US$102m and will take 39 months to complete. Anoither Chinese company, Highway Engineering Company is undertaking its construction.

The last road project will be undertaken by Defense Construction Enterprise, a local construction company. It will be 80.5 km long and will be constructed in the North East of Ethiopia.

The massive Ethiopia road construction development will be very significant as it will enhance the trade between Ethiopia and its neighbouring countries and further linking it with the Tadjourah Port.


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