Extraordinary 3D printed home planned

28 April 2015

New York City architect/contractor Adam Kushner has proposed something never seen before within the 3D printing space – to 3D print an entire estate in upstate New York, consisting of a 3D printed 2,400-square-foot house and a large 3D printed swimming pool, as well as a pool house and car port which will also be 3D printed.

The project will be undertaken in a location about 85 miles from New York City, on a 5-acre parcel of land.
The plan for the estate is designed to reflect the geomorphology of the rocks found on the site itself.

Kushner and D-Shape plan on 3D printing the estate using these rocks for aggregates which are found on the site.

This method of construction is referred to as in situ resource utilisation, and if D-Shape is successful, this could quite feasibly become a viable construction method of the future.

The printers that D-Shape uses are invented by D-Shape founder Enrico Dini, and they print using on-site resources, combined with a magnesium-based binding agent.


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