fib Symposium 2016

11 February 2015

The fib symposium 2016 will be held in Cape Town from 21-23 November 2016, and is intended to bring together practising engineers, scientists, specifiers, concrete technologists, researchers and others from around the world to share knowledge and experience on current developments in concrete technology and structural concrete design, with a particular focus on performance-based approaches.

The symposium will run over 3 days and feature oral presentations by authors of all accepted papers, as well as keynote addresses by leading international experts. Following the conference, workshops on selected topics will be organised, exposing delegates to practical information and hands-on experience. The event will include a tourist programme for conference delegates and accompanying persons, as well as various social functions including a conference dinner.

An exhibition will be organized with companies from around the globe showcasing recent developments in concrete materials technology, testing equipment, and structural design solution

Technological Background
Globally, the structural engineering and concrete construction industries are facing a number of challenges that will change the way that concrete structures are designed and constructed in the future. The effects of environmental changes, global warming, and natural disasters on national infrastructures are increasingly apparent and need to be addressed urgently. In addition, many existing structures are reaching the end of their design service life or deteriorate prematurely, which results in many structures needing revised structural design, service life extension, efficient repair, strengthening and rehabilitation. Furthermore, requirements for sustainability are becoming a central and integral part in modern structural and materials design.

The above challenges need to be met with innovative technology and creative thinking. New design methods such as performance-based design and updated structural models can help to address some of these issues. Novel mix design and concrete production techniques, as well as more efficient use of available resources need to be developed and implemented. The fib Symposium 2016 intends to address these matters and showcase how modern, innovative design and technology can help creating a sustainable and durable concrete infrastructure for future generations.

About fib
The fib (Fédération internationale du béton / International Federation for Structural Concrete), formed by 43 national member groups and about 1,000 individual or corporate members, is a not-for-profit association committed to advancing the technical, economic, aesthetic and environmental performance of concrete structures worldwide. The Headquarters of the fib are located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The objectives of fib are to develop at an international level the study of scientific and practical matters capable of advancing the technical, economic, aesthetic and environmental performance of concrete construction. These objectives are achieved, amongst others, by the stimulation of research, the synthesis of findings from research and practice, the dissemination of the results by way of publications, guidance documents and the organisation of international congresses and symposia, and the production of recommendations for the design and construction of concrete structures.

The fib Symposium is an annual event, organized by fib National Member Groups in varying locations around the globe and bringing together the local concrete industry and a large group of international concrete experts and structural engineers.

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