Five African countries to benefit from biogas plants

17 October 2014

Africa Biogas Partnership Programme will help 1 million people get sustainable cheap energy through biogas

Five African countries will benefit from the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) to construct and install 100,000 biogas plants by 2017. The partnership between Hivos and SNV, will see about half a million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Burkina Faso gain access to a sustainable energy source. The first phase targets constructing 70,000 biogas plants by end of this year, according to Hivos.

The programme will seek to aid national programmes on domestic biogas in each of these countries and help in achieving Millennium Development Goals.

The programme will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions since biogas is a clean energy source. This will lead to improvement on global warming since lesser fossil fuels will be used. The program will also help create more employment opportunities in these countries.

Soil fertility and thus food production will be increased followed application of bio-slurry (an organic fertiliser) on the fields. This will help reduce f hunger and malnutrition.

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