Floating homes to offer semi-submerged living in Dubai

02 July 2015

Developer Kleindienst Group is planning to construct 42 floating properties as part of the Heart of Europe development in Dubai. Technically classified as a boat, the Floating Seahorse offers an entire floor of submerged living, providing clear views of marine life beneath the gentle waves of the Persian Gulf.

The Floating Seahorse boats will be moored offshore from the St. Petersburg and Main Europe Islands, a short boat ride from the coast of Dubai. The “marine style retreats” offer a floor space of 158 m2.

A total of 42 properties will be constructed, each comprising three floors, two of which are above water level and one of which is below. The central, sea level floor will consist of an open plan living area, fully-fitted kitchen and dining area, while the upper floor offers an outdoor shower, mini bar, kitchenette, informal bed and glass-bottomed jacuzzi. The master bedroom and bathroom are fully submerged on the lower floor, with large windows providing a clear view of the marine life in the surrounding coral reef.

The boats, which were designed and developed in Dubai, will be constructed in partnership with Dutch Docklands. The company joined the development in 2011 at a problematic time following the global financial crisis and rumours that the man-made islands were sinking back into the sea. The floating solutions are claimed both more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than the existing man-made landmasses, and offer a more secure investment opportunity.

The new villas will be constructed in local dry docks before being shipped out and positioned in the water. Work will start on the luxury floating homes in the second half of 2015, with the first villas scheduled for completion some time in 2016.

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