Flooring marvel Mondéco Crystal introduced to Africa

07 July 2015

Architects across Africa can now utilise the aesthetic advantages of the seamless resin terrazzo system Mondéco Crystal to create eye-catching and bespoke floor surfaces.

The new system, launched by Flowcrete South Africa, complements the resin flooring specialist’s premier Mondéco collection of decorative resin flooring. This range has been designed to provide hard wearing floors for large-scale commercial developments that combine luxurious looks with vital performance advantages.

Mondèco provides architects with a wealth of creative possibilities. An innovative application technique allows for vibrant colours to be installed in unique and intricate designs across wide swathes of flooring. Glittering aggregates are incorporated within the Mondèco material to create a shimmering lustre across the floor’s surface.

Mondéco Crystal differs to other Mondéco systems as light-reflective glass aggregates are added into the system. The stylish, glistening effect that this creates has seen it installed in prestigious leisure developments around the world, including in one of Beijing’s latest landmarks, the Galaxy Soho shopping centre.

The world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid chose Mondéco Crystal for the Galaxy Soho project, as its design flexibility and high quality finish was ideal for creating fluid patterns of eye-catching colour across the floor that mirrored the building’s flowing architectural lines.

Flowcrete South Africa has also reformulated its Mondéco Earth system. This solution integrates flint and granite aggregates into brightly coloured epoxy to create vivid floors with an attractively patterned finish. The silver-ion based antimicrobial agent Polygiene® can be distributed throughout a Mondéco Earth floor, empowering it with the ability to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria.

The robust nature of Mondéco means that it will retain its visual appeal despite the challenging everyday conditions within large commercial facilities, which typicallyincludes heavy foot traffic, food and drink spillages, hot water washes and impacts. Its seamless, impervious surface also makes a Mondéco floor easy to clean, this will avoid dirt and contaminants turning into unsightly blemishes and stains.

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