FNB launches platform to aid entrepreneurial global expansion

07 October 2015

Banking giant FNB is preparing to launch a forum that will facilitate networking opportunities and amass industry experts for potential JV partnerships and strategic associations for entrepreneurs hoping to expand.

The Global Entrepreneurial Forum, the first to be held in November, would ultimately become a shared platform that enabled intelligence sharing and the support of strategic stakeholders across various business disciplines, while providing entrepreneurs with trade links and business opportunities between sub-Saharan Africa, India and China.

“One of the challenges for South African businesses wanting to expand globally is gaining access to real-time, quality information and expertise that will enable them to take calculated risks and develop . . . strategies,” explained FNB Business head of global business development Zak Sivalingum.

China and India were increasingly important trade partners for South Africa, while the sub-Saharan Africa markets offered an evolving economic landscape that represented significant growth opportunities.

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