Focus on flooring helps companies save

22 November 2017

Demand for the floor inspection servicesand maintenanceprogrammes provided by concreteflooring solutionsprovider ConcreteLaser Flooring (CLF)

has doubled in the last six months as companies grow increasingly aware of the importance of basing operations on solid ground, says CLF manager Angus Ryan.“Traditionally, flooring has been an overlooked aspect of a company’s operations, but, in the past five years, we have seen clients take the first steps to understanding the fundamental impact of their floors and how they can contribute to – or hinder – their business goals. Without a good foundation, the operational efficiencyof a business is compromised.”

Flawed floors can result in significant cost incurrence, owing damaged stock and expensive plant equipment, such as forklifts, while compromising employee safety, he adds. In response to clients’ requests for assessments of their warehouse and hard stand concrete floors, CLF – a member of the AfriSam Group – introduced services to specifically help companies in the fast-moving consumer goods, and warehousing and logistics sectors, to maximise operating efficiency through their floors.

CLF’s preoccupation inspection service involves a detailed inspection of the floor for tenants and landlords to establish a base line from which to measure the condition of the floor during and at completion of occupancy, while the company’s standard floor inspection service involves a detailed inspection at an existing facility. Ryan highlights that it is important to consider the floor during the initial design-phase of a facility and as an ongoing area for maintenance. “Too often, companies are aware of the capital cost of a floor at the start of a project, but forget to consider the ongoing operational costs associated with a bad floor.” CLF also has repair and modification teams throughout South Africa, who attend to the various requirements identified during the inspections. These teams are equipped to attend to several repairs and can also perform full floor replacements and re-establishments, or break-out and reinstate sections of floors.

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