Four African firms invited to join GGC community

04 June 2015

Four of Africa’s fastest-growing companies have been invited to join the Global Growth Companies community at the World Economic Forum on Africa as regional finalists.

Companies were shortlisted and selected on the strength of their potential to become global economic leaders and were drawn from a broad spectrum of sectors, including infrastructure, oil and gas and aviation. The Global Growth Companies (GGC) community currently consists of 390+ companies.

The regional finalists for Africa were:
* Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopia)
* Meikles Limited (Zimbabwe)
* PPC Ltd (South Africa Africa.
* Waltersmith Petroman Oil Limited (Nigeria)

The World Economic Forum said the four companies had been given the opportunity to join the GGC community – the first stop on their journey towards the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in September, in Dalian, China, where the Forum would recognise and honour the selected 2015 GGCs.

“GGCs are fast-growing companies with potential to become global economic leaders,” WEF said. “The nominees share a track record of exceeding industry standards in revenue growth, promotion of innovative business practices and demonstration of leadership in corporate citizenship.”

Together with Social Entrepreneurs, Technology Pioneers, Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers and Young Scientists, GGCs make up the New Champions, a World Economic Forum community of pioneers, innovators and creative disruptors, WEF said.


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