Gambia inaugurates Basse-Sabi road construction project

09 April 2015

Gambia has launched Basse Bypass-Sabi road rehabilitation and construction project, funded by European Union (EU). Annes Guillaud, the EU’s country representative, said at the launch that the road project was important for EU-Gambia cooperation, in support of the National Gambia Transport Plan.

The road rehabilitation and construction project will be part of a road project spend of US$83m. This will see construction and rehabilitation of 273 km of roads which will constitute almost 50% of the paved roads in Gambia.

Gilles added that the Basse Bypass-Sabi road afforded Gambians easy access to Velingara Town in Senegal as well as other towns that played a key role in the region.

She said the road provided link to ferry goods from other countries to Gambia and vice versa.


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