Geohouse system by Geoplast provides affordable houses of any size

25 September 2015

The union of Geoplast main formwork systems to build walls and ventilated foundations creates GHS SYSTEM.“Easy and fast to install as the installation requires only 7 days, it is the best solution to have a beautiful house at an affordable price”. 

GEOPANEL is the formwork that allows the creation of the concrete walls for the house. Made of plastic polypropylene, it facilitates all the operations of the worksite as it is very light and easy to move.The house then will certainly be a healthier environment, thanks to MODULO, our formwork for ventilated foundations, designed to prevent rising damp and Radon gas.

“Our systems modularity permits the creation of any type of houses customizable for specific needs”, Geoplast offers the possibility to build houses of 50, 80, 100 and 120 sqm.

For more info about it download the catalogue of Geohouse System here:
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