Get up to date on cement grading in Nigeria

15 October 2014

Demand for cement is rising and West Africa provides lucrative long-term investment opportunities in the local cement, concrete and construction industries.

Investment in the region’s industry today provides a strong foothold for international players who want to be well positioned to access and act on construction business opportunities across the continent.

Totally Concrete West Africa gives you access to West Africa’s foremost users and producers of cement and concrete and offers technical training opportunities that will keep you up to date on local standards and construction practices.

Space is running out! Register now to access new technologies and construction business opportunities in West Africa. 

What you will learn at Totally Concrete West Africa: 
• Get up to date on Nigeria’s new cement standardisation and reclassification scheme including packaging and labelling models
• Understand the difference in 32.5R and 42.5R cement grading, its applications, and how this will affect your concrete design mix for local construction
• Find out how to access new and improved training and skills development opportunities in the region

In Nigeria the cement industry accounts for more than 30% of the Nigeria Stock Exchange’s (NSE) total market capitalisation, demonstrating the enormous economic potential of this growing commodity.

Register now for an unprecedented opportunity to build your project portfolio in West Africa’s burgeoning construction marketplace. 

Let’s build West Africa together!

Contact our team on: +27 21 700 4321 or [email protected] today!

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