Ghana manufacturers call for cement anti-dumping duties

08 June 2015

George Dawson-Ahmoah, chairman of the Ghana Cement Manufacturers Association (GCMA), calls for the imposition of anti-dumping duties on imported cement to rid the industry of unfair trade practices by importers and protect investments by local cement manufacturers and the employment of locals.

Dawson-Ahmoah advised the government to take its cue from South Africa, which recently imposed provisional anti-dumping duties on cement originating from Pakistan.

When companies export their goods to foreign markets at prices lower than those in their home market, causing material injury to an industry in the export market, it is considered unfair trade.

Dawson-Ahmoah said that since countries are entitled to act in terms of World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules and procedures with an objective to level the playing field between domestic producers and foreign competitors, Ghana’s government should act accordingly to defend the local market from undue price under-cuttings, which have the potential to ‘destabilise’ the industry.


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