Housing units worth US$ 550m for Tanzania’s defense forces

01 October 2014

Housing units: Tanzania government is planning to construct 12,000 new housing units for the country’s military, in two phases

Tanzania government has signed a US$ 550m concessional loan agreement with the Chinese Government for construction of 12,000 new housing units for the country’s military. The houses are going to be constructed at various towns and cities in Tanzania.

Construction of the housing project will be undertaken in two phases, with 6,600 units constructed during the initial phase. These units are to be built by 2016 at a cost of US$ 300m. Each phase expected to take ±50 months.

The second phase of the new project will be constructed by the Shanghai Construction Group at a cost of US$ 250m.

The army housing units are to cater for the need for accommodation for the military and its institutions. All soldiers are expected to take their new constructed houses by 2017.

Accommodation for civil servants, and especially the army, has been a challenge because most do not have permanent stations and are constantly reassigned to different regions of the country. The Government is doing all it can to ensure their soldiers have proper houses regardless of where they are stationed – creating the need to build houses in 40 towns and cities in the country.

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