Hycrete: trusted concrete waterproofing in projects around the world

03 June 2015

Hycrete, a leader in waterproofing and corrosion protection solutions for concrete, has been successfully utilised in thousands of projects around the world, delivering unparalleled concrete durability, performance and cost savings in time and money.

Applications include marine structures, bridges, roads, high-hydrostatic-pressure basements, parking structures, elevated decks, water tanks, wastewater treatment facilities, coastal infrastructure, and industrial plants.

Hycrete’s hydrophobic pore-blocking admixtures shut down capillary absorption in concrete, reduce concrete permeability and coat steel reinforcement, significantly reducing the transport of water and deleterious chemicals through concrete and protecting reinforcement in concrete.

The effect is unequalled concrete durability and structural useful life. By effectively reducing permeability, Hycrete provides a trusted solution in even the harshest marine and coastal applications experiencing constant exposure to water and chlorides. Hycrete’s admixtures have been extensively tested in government and third-party independent studies by leading testing bodies such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Hycrete’s admixtures have been shown to dramatically extend the useful life of concrete structures, reducing long-term maintenance costs and saving builders and owners time and money. Hycrete’s liquid admixtures are advanced polymers that are easy to dose into concrete and are made in the USA. Also, as Hycrete is in the concrete itself as it is poured, the potential construction delays that are associated with membrane application may be avoided.

Hycrete’s solutions save money, provide unmatched durability, and can accelerate construction timelines. In addition to its use in commercial applications, Hycrete has proven to be a trusted solution for providing long-term durability in industrial buildings and infrastructure exposed to water and dissolved chemicals, such as chlorides and sulfates.

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