Hydraform M9 Business on a Trailer a game changer

13 June 2017

Hydraform International recently launched the M9 Business on a Trailer, a road-worthy trailer complete with block-making plant, equipment and tools for on-site block production and construction.

Recently launched at the NAMPO Agricultural Show in Bothaville, the new M9 Business on a Trailer from Hydraform is a trailer-based system that allows for mobile block-making in urban and rural areas. Designed to facilitate mobile business, the machine and block-making components are fitted to a removable skid, so the trailer can be used separately, doubling up on its benefits and versatility.

“The M9 Business on a Trailer enables the set up of temporary block yards as and when needed,” says Nazlie Dickson, Hydraform sales director. “The entire system can be packed up in 15 minutes and moved, allowing high mobility and on-demand production in a block-making and construction business. Furthermore, the system’s compact design and mobility makes it easy to store securely when manufacturing blocks in rural settings or where security is a concern,” she adds.

The M9 Business on a Trailer from Hydraform is rated at 1.6 tons and can manufacture up to 500 interlocking blocks per day.

The system can support an entire mobile block-making enterprise using materials sourced locally.

The initial capital outlay for the Hydraform M9 Business on a Trailer is roughly R205 000 including VAT; a reasonable investment considering that all the equipment needed for this business opportunity is supplied.

“To put into perspective the value it brings, the M9 Business on a Trailer can manufacture enough blocks to build a dwelling of 45 m2 in nine days. These can be sold at market value realising a fair profit for the builder,” Dickson explains.

Having undergone stringent testing at the South Africa Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the system has been approved by Agrément SA.

Hydraform boasts a dedicated after-sales and spares department, and with the focus on local manufacturing, spare part access and delivery to site is both quick and hassle free.

Hydraform contact: Nazlie Dickson
Tel: +27(0)11 913 1449 / Email: [email protected] /

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