Infrastructure development accelerating across East and West Africa

01 July 2015

Cement consumption has seen stable growth in both East and West Africa which has been supported by their governments’ infrastructure expenditure and private residential construction. 

  • The latter in particular has been a big driver in West Africa. According to the latest estimates by the Government in Lagos, the country will have to build 20 million new homes to cope with the influx of people moving from the countryside to the cities, while double-digit growth in property prices in Dakar has been recorded for past few years.

It is against this very exciting backdrop that Concrete Trendsmagazine and Concrete.TV are pleased to be hosting the second African Construction and Totally Concrete West Africa and African Construction and Totally Concrete East Africa conferences and expos in Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya respectively later this year. 

These forums aim to promote tailored and regional approaches to the production and use of cement and concrete – particularly for large-scale infrastructural and residential applications. 

These unique showcases will provide unprecedented opportunities for everyone involved with construction to access developments in the Eastand West African cement and construction industries in a unique setting, providing prestigious visibility, interactive networking and hands-on learning.

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