Japanese govt to fund Kenya mega dam project

17 October 2014

Twin water gates at one of the water canals serving Mwea Irrigation Scheme used to regulate water. This will soon be replaced by the new dam


The Japanese government will fund construction of a mega dam on Thiba River to curb water shortages on the Mwea Irrigation Scheme. The project is to be undertaken by the National Irrigation Board at a cost of US$ 146m.

The dam construction project will start in January 2015, and be completed by June 2016. A consultant has been hired to review the design and supervise construction works at the site. The dam construction project will include construction of major irrigation and feeder canals to farms.

Thiba dam, once completed, will provide irrigation to the 7,952-Ha Mwea Irrigation Settlement Scheme, which produces over 60% of rice grown in Kenya. The dam would be able to boost rice production in the area and allow production of other crops such as maize and vegetables.

Farmers and residents of the area where the dam will be constructed have already been relocated and compensated by the government.

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