Kenya embarks on 10,000km road building project

01 July 2014

The Government of Kenya has embarked on a project to build 10,000 km of roads across the country, in an effort to bring growth and development in the country. The roads will be built in the next five years through annuity concessions. The model will ensure that high-volume roads are prioritised to enhance effectiveness.

The project will be carried out in three phases. The first phase, commencing in July, will cost of US$457m and cover areas with the greatest demand. In this phase, 2000 km will be constructed, scheduled for completion by 2014/15.
The second phase will see the construction of 5000 km, and the last phase, 3000 km. In these phases, 80% of the roads will be small roads, while 20% constitutes highways.

The contractors will also be required to oversee the maintenance of these roads for a period of three years.

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