Kenya: Meru to construct 120 km of roads

12 February 2015

Governor of Meru Peter Munya has said this week that the county will benefit from the planned governments’ annuity roads construction programme by building 120 km of roads, after talks with the national government bore fruit.

It is expected that construction of the roads will start soon. “We expect President Uhuru Kenyatta to launch this and other county infrastructure projects during his tour of Meru this month,” Munya said during a recent forum held in the county.

Kenya government has initiated a 10, 000-km road rehabilitation/construction programme to be undertaken around the country. Three thousand kilometers were initiated last year. Under the annuity programme, contractors will be allowed to use loans guaranteed by state to construct/rehabilitate roads, and then the national treasury will pay in installment after inspection is carried out. KCB has offered to fund the contractors under the engagement.

Contractors were also, last year, prequalified for the first phase of the 3, 000 km. Foreign contractors will also be required by law to offer 30% of work to locals, an initiative expected to be a great relief from the requirement that a contractor must have an annual turn-over of US$4.4m to be prequalified for the programme.


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