Kenya: Pokot cement factory to generate own power

17 February 2015

The Sh12-billion Pokot Cement factory plans to generate its own power, part of which will be fed into the national power grid.

Investors of the plant to be constructed at Ortum say they will put up a 64-MW power plant out of which 50 MW will be sold.

“The power generated will enable us to operate effectively and minimise our costs of operations apart from supplying more electricity to the national power grid,” said Cemtech chief executive Rajesh Rawal.
Cemtech, which is a subsidiary of the Sanghi Group of India, is finalising plans for the project which has already been approved by all government agencies.

Rawal says in a report to the government that most of the machinery for the factory is currently being assembled in several countries including India and South Africa before being moved to the site.

Research by Cemtech experts in the area has indicated that it has cement deposits that will last more than 50 years.
It will produce over 1.2 million tonnes of cement annually.


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