Kenya’s US$ 14.48-m Gura Hydro Power project complete by June 2015

11 November 2014

In an initiative that will help four tea factories in Nyeri County reduce power costs, the Gura Hydro Power project is expected to come online in June 2015. The hydro power project will generate 6MW of electricity, part of which will benefit the local community.

“The four factories will only use 2.8 MW and the rest will be sold to the national grid. We can also think of providing power to the nearest tea factories in Murang’a County,” Kenya Tea Development Agency board chairman Mr. Peter Kanyago said.

He added that Gura Hydro Power will save the factories about US$445,434 a year. Construction will involve setting up a power plant at the site and related developments.

The Kenyan government’s Ministry of Energy and Petroleum has said it is adding renewable energy into the national grid to help lower electricity costs.

Dams for provision of water and electricity to locals have also been set up or lined up for construction in different parts of the country.

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