Launch of CHRYSO Equalis 250 hailed exciting move for contractors

05 September 2016

The introduction of CHRYSO® Equalis 250 will give hard- pushed contractors an enormous competitive edge in the local construction market. Since its launch only a few months ago, this innovative admixture has already set a new benchmark for concrete workability.

CHRYSO® Equalis 250 allows concrete workability to be extended by up to four hours, without impairing early strengths.

Eddie Correia, general manager technical services for CHRYSO Southern Africa, says this 21st century admixture facilitates greater flexibility when placing concrete, allowing contractors to construct complex concrete structures with greater ease.

Construction sites today operate under numerous constraints such as control of the water/binder ratio, safety during formwork removal, delayed pouring and other stringent placement conditions.

In addition, project sites are often some distance from readymix plants and readymix trucks must negotiate dense road traffic – all adding to the complexities of concrete mix design.

“Use of CHRYSO® Equalis 250 will enable large quantities of concrete to be transported and placed, without having to change the mix design as the admixture will keep the concrete alive from a slump point of view, without affecting the setting times,” Correia says.  

The admixture also allows significantly increased amounts of accelerator to be used, without impairing workability retention. This enables the contractor to pursue extremely high early strengths.

“Significantly,” Correia says, “there is no comparable admixture available.”

Developed by CHRYSO’s Research Centre, CHRYSO® Equalis 250 is based on new, patented polymer technologies. The development is in line with the company’s drive towards green technology and the need to produce more extended concretes, enabling contractors to achieve a lower carbon footprint.

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